br, defensive annihilate Arizona Cardinals: Food, drinks and entertainment by Shapiro's $6 million Miami Beach mansion, an August 2006 dinner along Italian eatery Grazie within which Shapiro personally drove Campbell to the restaurant, and along least an occasion where Shapiro provided VIP access and drinks at a night spot.brbr,offensive lineman, : Food, drinks and entertainment along one of Shapiro's homes and on his yacht.brbr,combative tackle, Decheap nfl nike jerseysnver Broncos: Food, drinks and entertainment at Shapiro's Miami Beach mansion aboard multiple occasions, drinks and VIP access among nightclubs aboard multiple occasions, bounties as plays against defensive linemen, meals along Miami-area restaurants including a February 2007 dinner at Italian eatery Grazie.brbr, running back San Francisco 49ers: Lunch with Shapiro aboard a handful of occasions. Also,according to the report: "Shapiro likewise told anfl jerseys wholesalellied agents amid taped interviews that either he and fashionable Miami staffer Sean Allen had learning of Shapiro's associate amid Axcess Sports °™ then-NFL agent and new UFL commissioner Michael Huyghue °™ paying Gore meanwhile he played as the Hurricanes."brbr,spacious receiver/returner, Chicago Bears: Multiple cash gifts, including cash as rims as Hester's sport utility conveyance,almost $3,000 for an oath ring, playoff tickets to a Miami Heat vernfl jerseys wholesalesus Detroit Pistons playoff game aboard June 6 2005. Also: drinks and VIP access along nightclubs, multiple meals along Miami-area restaurants. Food, drinks, entertainment and lodging along Shapiro's $2.7 million Miami Beach kin Entertainment on Shapiro's million yacht, clothing purchased as Hester in August?2005.brbrThe report likewise details $7,500 surrounded bounties: "$1,000 utter as a 97-yard kickoff return as a touchdown ($500) and an ensuingcheap nfl nike jerseys celebration discipline ($500) within a 38-33 win over Florida aboard Sept.6 2003; $2,500 absolute for two punt returns for touchdowns ($1,000 each and an celebration exercise ($500) among a 48-0 win over Louisiana Tech aboard Sept. 18, 2004; $2,000 perfect for two return touchdowns (including one called behind by punishment amid a 41-38 win over Louisville aboard Oct. 14, 2004; $1,000 perfect as a kickoff return as a touchdown within a 45-31 win ovdiscount nfl jerseyser N.C. State aboard Oct. 23, 2004; and $1,000 utter as a missed field goal returned for a touchdown amid a 27-10 win over Florida aboard Dec. 31, 2004."brbr,broad receiver Houston Texans: Multiple trips to nightclubs where Shapiro paid as VIP access and drinks.brbr, running back Denver Broncos: Two custom-tailored suits,airplane tickets as McGahee's girlfriend and a second woman to attend the 2002 Heisman Trophy ceremony amid New York City,edible dcheap-nfl-jerseys.nflqq.comrinks and entertainment at Shapiro's $2,nba million Miami Beach kin and assorted cash gifts.brbrThe report has McGahee receiving $2,000 in cash bounties: "The bounties were: $1,000 absolute as 234 rushing yards (Shapiro offered $500 per 100 perfect yards) amid a 41-16 win over Florida aboard Sept.7 2002; and $1,000 utter for a touchdown ($500) and 173 yards rushing and receiving ($500) in a 28-27 win over Florida State on Oct. 12, 2002cheap nfl nike jerseys."br
Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park

A Park for all Seasons

The 23 galleries below feature 1800 images of the new improvements to Assiniboine Park as it appeared during 2011
Children's Garden Duck Pond Duck Pond 2 English Gardens English Gardens 2
English Gardens 3 English Gardens 4 English Gardens 5 Leo Mol Gardens Leo Mol Gardens 2
Lyric Stage Nature Playground Nature Playground 2 Pavilion Paws in Motion
Qualico Family Centre Footbridge Fun in the Park Winter Zoo
Fall in the Park Conservatory English Gardens 6

For galleries of Assiniboine Park prior to 2011
All images ©George Siamandas 2012    Contact

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